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 The design of Aqua-Eez pools has evolved according to feedback from care providers.   Our proactive design engineering provides maximum benefits to patients and to caregivers. The use of jets can create serious cleaning and disinfecting concerns for hospital staff and for patients.  Aqua-Eez pools do  not contain any jets.  The use of jets has not been documented to improve or add to the benefits of hydrotherapy.  The elimination of jets can reduce cleanup and turnaround time by up to 75%.  Aqua-Eez pools are available in movable (3000M) and stationary (3000S) models.  This allows the hospital ultimate flexibility.  Both models have an internal filling and draining system.  The movable model connects easily to existing sink plumbing and has very low installation costs.  Total pool width is approximately 44 inches and the pool will fit through any regulation hospital door.

Model 3000M deluxe movable pool allows for easy mobility and convenient use of many different birthing rooms, great for use in LDR and LDRP settings. Model 3000S deluxe stationary pool is an ideal  product for dedicated hydrotherapy LDRP settings.

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