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A water birth pool can help make your labor shorter, easier and more comfortable

With a choice of 2 specially designed pools,
you’ll have the pool that’s right for you





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Whichever pool you choose - you’ll have the space, depth and support you need to have an active water birth.

Everything you’ll need to use your pool is supplied as standard.

All of our pools are very easy to assemble. No tools or special skills are required. The easy-to-follow instruction sheet gives you step-by-step directions for a hassle-free experience.

One of the most important features of this pool is its strong, wide rim. You'll appreciate the comfort and support it provides in virtually all of the positions you may use during labor and birth.




Did you know that there are no formal standards or controls that regulate design and supply of water birth pools?


Safety and hygiene issues

When renting a transportable pool you need to
look out for these important criteria

  1. Does the pool have strong, rigid sides? (Can you sit on it? Can it support your full body weight without moving?)
  2. Is the pool supplied with a new filling hose pipe? (Used hose pipes can contain potentially harmful bacteria)
  3. Is the pool supplied with a new thermometer? (Used thermometers can be unreliable -- it's vital that the water temperature is accurately controlled during labor and birth)
  4. Is the pool supplied with a new disposable liner (This is absolutely essential, as pool liners can't be dependably cleaned, disinfected and re-used)
  5. Does the pool have a ground pad? (Provides comfort and support when you're kneeling or leaning forward and insulation)
  6. Does the pool have a submersible pumping system? (Efficiently empties the water in about 20 minutes)
  7. Does the pool have a heat retention cover? ( Keeps the heat loss down to a minimum and dramatically reduces humidity and condensation)
  8. Does the pool have a re-circulating heating/ water system? ( It shouldn't! - they are widely regarded by micro-biologists as a breeding ground for bacteria, creating risk of cross infection)
  9. Does the pool rental company charge for a fixed time period? (You may be paying more than you need to)

If the answer is 'no' for questions 1-7 or 'yes' for questions 8 & 9, you should consider other options.

Our pools are strong enough
for you to sit, lean or hold onto

      All of our pools have strong - solid frames to allow you, your partner or midwife to sit or lean on the rim. We consider this to be essential for safety.

   You'll appreciate being able to lean or hold onto the rim both during labor and when giving birth.

   Your midwife may want you to sit on the rim in certain situations in which you or your baby requires assistance.

 There has never been a flood using our pools!

      We are  pleased to say that here has never been a serious leak or spillage of water from one of our pools. To avoid the possibility we have  devised the double-liner system for use on our transportable models. This method has been widely adopted.

It's an essential feature that all transportable birth pools should have. Your pool will be supplied with a thick, waterproof main liner and a new waterproof disposable liner. With both liners in place your pool is truly watertight. (Note: Our 3000 series pools are molded, so they do not use a liner system while being easy to clean!)

      We cannot absolutely guarantee that there will not be a leak. The liners need to be installed correctly. It's important that they are looked after and not accidentally punctured.

      We suggest that you use a single layer of polythene ground sheet under and around the pool to provide protection to your floor or carpet. A non-slip bath mat beside the pool is essential.

Safety and hygiene are
primary concerns

      Our pools satisfy the recommendations of hospital microbiologists.

   The provision of a new disposable liner and a new hose pipe for filling the pool prevents cross infection.

   To ensure safety we supply a new faucet adaptor with each pool.

      When the pools are returned our staff thoroughly inspects and cleans the equipment to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

   We've had no report of infection since we began to hire out pools. I'm satisfied that if our guidelines are followed, risk of infection is extremely minimal.

Filling your pool

      At home -- Your pool is filled with a new 1/2" garden hose pipe, which is connected to the tap with a new connector. Filling time varies widely according to the water supply but generally takes between 2-4 hours.

      In hospital -- The pool is filled with a new 1" clear hose pipe, which is connected directly to the tap with a jubilee clamp. In hospitals where hot water supplies are ample, pools generally take 30–60 minutes to fill.


Maintaining the water temperature
is important and easy to do

      You should feel comfortable, but not too warm. In labor the water should be maintained according to your comfort between 98°F - 102°F. For birth the temperature should be between 97°F - 99°F.

  Your pool will be supplied with a new floating thermometer to measure the water temperature. We discovered that used thermometers may not be reliable; therefore we supply a brand new thermometer with each pool to ensure that temperature readings are accurate.

      If you're having your baby in hospital, or have a reasonably efficient water heating system in your home, you will not need an additional water heater.

   The pools are insulated and are provided with a heat retention cover that minimizes heat loss to less than 1° per hour. It also reduces humidity when the pool is not in use.

Emptying your pool



The amazing Birth Ball encourages
optimal fetal positioning, provides
welcome support in labor

The birthing mat makes a tremendous
difference to your comfort

Transwarmer (Baby Warming Mat)

Dolphin Pool Thermometer

We have the largest stock of portable water
birth pools in the United States of America




How to rent your pool:

  • The easiest way to rent your pool is to call us now toll free (888) 707-POOL (7665). You can get answers to any questions you may have and your rental will be confirmed over the phone and/or via email.
  • To email fill out the contact form:   Contact Us
    We will call for your credit card information. 
  • If you call, please have the following information ready when you call Monday-Friday 9:00 am-5:00pm EST:
    a) the type of pool (circular or hexagonal) and package (gold or platinum) you want
    b) when your baby is due
    c) when you want the pool (we suggest one week before due date)
    d) whether you’re having your baby at home or in hospital
    e) credit card number with expiration date for deposit ($125.00)

    Our pledge to you....

    • To provide you with the finest portable birth pool kit and equipment available at the lowest possible prices.
    • Your birth pool will be available the exact day you need it -- for as long as you need it.

    Please contact our pool rental  specialists  at 1-888-707–POOL (7665) if you have any questions about renting or using  your pool. They’re available Mondays - Fridays from 9:00am - 5:00pm EST.

          We look forward to being of service to you.

    P.S. Please remember to book your pool 4-6 weeks before you want it to ensure that you’ll get the pool you want.

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