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Needs of the patient:

1.     Easy entry and exit of pool (entry door).

2.     Spacious pool (eliminates restriction of tubs or Jacuzzi) with enough room to move around, stretch out the legs and change positions (squatting, kneeling, 4-foot stand, knee-chest positions, lying, sitting, and floating).

3.     Full immersion with water level of at least 22 inches (privacy and gravity reduction).

4.     Pool features to support the different positions (grab rail with grip towel, foot rest, hand grip, back support, and V-shaped seat).

5.     Ample room for the partner to sit in the pool (second seat for partner in the door or on the V-shaped seat with the laboring mother on his/her lap).

6.     Ergonomically designed for optimal relaxation (the key to successful laboring and also birthing).



Needs of the caregiver


1.   Control and monitoring of the process (shape and size of the Aqua-Eez pool allows continuous access to the woman with either a waterproof Doppler or waterproof fetal heart monitoring transducer).

2.   Fast exit if necessary (stationary and movable models need less than 2 minutes drainage time until door may be opened).

3.   Fast filling (varies with water supply) and fast draining of the pool.

4.   Easy and exact water temperature control.

5.   Custom pool design allows the movable version to fit through a STANDARD hospital door.

6.   Patented removable door panels allows access for easy entry and exit for patients and accessibility for care provider.


Needs of other hospital personnel (administration, cleaning staff, engineers and infection control)

1.   High quality of the pool (each Aqua-Eez Pool is custom made).

2.   High quality of the plumbing components (e.g. Grohe and Geberit).

3.   Easy access to plumbing area (access panel).

4.   Drainage without puddles in seat area (hygiene).

5.   Prevention of cross contamination by air gap which prevents fresh and      contaminated water mixing; meets infection control standards.

6.   Easy to clean short turnaround time (no jets or other water circulating systems, spray- wait- rinse- done, less labor intensive).

7.   Beside the ease of cleaning, Aqua-Eez Pools are maintenance free pools.

8.   Savings with the design of the movable pool version all rooms can be water ready (in minutes) without any major renovation expenses.  This allows for a smaller investment in the beginning and allows for the use of smaller suites.


Aqua-Eez pools are built and designed according to the required standards for hydrotherapy pools used as medical equipment in hospitals (unlike Jacuzzis).

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