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The Sonicaid FM800 monitors are designed to provide flexible solutions for your intrapartum monitoring needs today and in the future. A choice of models allows you to select the facilities you require, from standard intrapartum fetal monitoring capabilities to high-risk fetal or maternal care, and because the range is modular, each monitor can be upgraded as and when your needs change.

  • Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring
    To help you with the management and care of all pregnancies, ,you need comprehensive and adaptable fetal monitoring facilities. The Sonicaid FM820 offers twin ultrasound and ECG channels, allowing fully flexible external monitoring for mother and fetus. In addition, the Sonicaid FM820 provides external and internal uterine activity monitoring and maternally sensed fetal movements as standard.

  • Maternal Vital Signs Monitoring
    For close monitoring of the mother as well as the fetus, the Sonicaid FM830 is a fully integrated system which allows the simultaneous monitoring of maternal ECG, pulse oximetry, blood pressure and temperature without the need for additional standalone devices.

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