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Sonicaid FetalCare is an essential tool for modern obstetric management. It provides an objective, quantitative and consistent assessment of the fetal condition throughout the pregnancy.


Based on the world-renowned Dawes/Redman criteria using a database with over 48,000 antenatal fetal heart rate recordings, it allows the obstetrics professional to

Do the right thing…

…at the right time.  

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Unique Features and Benefits

The Sonicaid FetalCare has the following main Features and Benefits:




Objective assessment



·         Objective analysis system

·         Ensures consistent approach to reading CTGs


·         Provides reassurance in reading difficult and rare CTG traces


·         Reassures patient that traces are being read consistently and that lack of staff or staff training is not resulting poorer standards of care

·         Reduces average antenatal monitoring times








·         Unique 48,000 record database

·         Large database of results offering security in interpretation

·         Proven reliability supported by a weight of evidence from over 70 world-wide clinical publications







User friendly



·         Simple user interface operating in Windows, but adapted to the requirements of midwives and obstetricians

·         Very easy and intuitive to use;

·         Operation with function keys allows quick access to main functions ;

·         Connect up to 4 concurrent Team fetal monitors (2 direct and 2 via modem) for rapid and simple transfer of CTG data




Reassurance and Safety



·         Archive of analysed results

·         Protects maternity services from the threat of litigation by providing objective evidence of correct clinical action throughout pregnancy

·         Compressed trace; single view of complete monitoring session with statistical results and indications of accelerations and decelerations

·         Easy to read complete monitoring session at a glance

·         Allows better communication of results to colleagues and mother

·         Results for twins

·         Provide reassurance in higher risk multiple pregnancy

·         Trend results

·         Easy to read results and progress for complete pregnancy at a glance







·         Remote monitoring option

·         Allows patient to be monitored in remote clinics or at home, saving travel time, expense and enabling more efficient use of clinician time

·         Remote access to results

·         Enables obstetrician to "dial" in remotely to consult and provide feedback on results from a distance

·         Remote fault diagnosis  



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·         Service engineers will be able to log on without the need to inspect the equipment onsite; saving the hospital time and unnecessary travel expenses for the service organization